Ontario Clean Water Agency


The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) provides operation, maintenance and management services for more than 450 vital water and wastewater treatment facilities in Ontario. Our task is to ensure the content of OCWA’s reports is accessible and engaging. Weaving bold infographics throughout the report helped illustrate the breadth of their role within the community, the environment and the public. We also looked at interesting ways to integrate their Corporate Social Responsibility Report with the Annual Report. We tucked, nestled, and wrapped – every year something creative and new. Kudos to our client for their open minds allowing us to help present their organization as innovative leaders in the field.


  • Report Design
  • Event Collateral
  • Environmental
  • Strategy

"We were extremely satisfied with the end-results – the overall look of the two reports is very professional, but with a very interesting creative touch."

Amy Lane

Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist

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