We designed and built a mighty campaign on a not-so-mighty budget. The goal was to brand and develop an entirely digital campaign for #HelpFredFillaHome. The ultimate goal was to fund the furnishing of permanent homes (formerly the Pan Am athletes village) for homeless youth, seniors, people with a disability, veterans, newcomers and refugees. We designed a fully responsive website with multiple interactive animations, which we then leveraged for a comprehensive social media campaign. These shareables provided media and supporters with a tools to spread the word. All goals were achieved, the apartments were furnished and the former athletes’ village is now a thriving community.


  • Visual Identity
  • Discovery & Research
  • Naming & Taglines
  • Content Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Interactive Media
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Website
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Tablet List
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Mobile Set
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Table
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Pots
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Couch
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Lamp
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Couch2
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Animation Design - Dresser
“I swear you’re geniuses. I know no other designers who press on, think through with such clarity, and then come up with something that works so well.”
Carol Watson
Manager of Communications and Fundraising
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Mobile
#HelpFredFillAHome - Digital Campaign - Mobile

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