GTA Rehab Network


GTA Rehab Network leads in the field of rehabilitative care. Developing solutions, implementing best practices, advocating, identifying and addressing system-level issues are but a few of its strengths. This unique umbrella organization doesn’t deliver services; rather, it acts as an efficient engine and hub for the agencies that do. This distinction was key when we developed its brand. With each communication piece we have the privilege to work on – from an annual report to the website – the messaging has  to be absolutely clear and visually reflect this organization’s ground-breaking work.


  • Brand Transformation
  • Reports
  • Web Design
GTA Rehab Network - Annual Report Design
GTA Rehab Network - Annual Report Design - Close up
"It amazes me how you and your team were able to take such abstract concepts of each organization’s culture and values and translate them so well into graphic designs that communicate who we are and what we are about."
Charissa Levy, MHSc, BScOT, OT Reg (Ont)
Executive Director
GTA Rehab Network - Website Design